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What is Centrality?

Centrality is an ecosystem that supports startup cycles and builds a library of applications that creates decentralized applications (DApps). By using the Centrality platform, it will make it possible to connect with other DApps, allowing to collect users more efficiently. Furthermore, by standardizing the design of all the scenes, it is possible to provide a highly transparent UX in the entire ecosystem.


Skoot is a virtual travel guide for visitors and free independent travellers. It uses patented technology to helps users find interesting spot, drive safely and stay connected to their loved ones while on the move. Using Centrality makes it possible to use a convenient environment for users without using conventional application libraries.


Merge is a time management system for people who live in the city. Simply tell Merge when you want to leave, or when you want to arrive at your destination and it will let you know the best time to go.


UShare is a multi-modal on demand transport application, working across taxi services, rental vehicles, electric bikes and public transport.


Belong is a wealth management platform and marketplace which helps businesses provide rewards for employees.


Waitless is a DApp that lets you jump in the queue for busy restaurants,from anywhere you want, pay right from your table,order pick up or home delivery.

How it Works

Centrality creates a base for DApps and gathers the developer(user). Developer then builds the applicationn.

Various DApps plug into Centrality. Each DApp uses the CENNZ token to purchase modules for their app.

DApps across different use cases work together to acquire users, data and contents.

Each DApp is 100% focused on creating their own businesses, while Centrality focuses on powering the core technology and design.