Our Vision


We are a total advisor of the TGE. We conduct strict audits for our clients (projects) and aim to actualize a platform where everyone can participate in fair and secure investment .


Total Advisory Service in TGE Process

We provide total consulting services including due diligence and localization for the complete process required for TGE. Our experts will tailor and provide comprehensive advisory services for each client*. *Sales and marketing excluded


The reason why CTIA is fair

Transparent and fair investment platforms will be reinforced by conducting KYC/AML checks on our users and due diligence to each project from technical, financial and legal points of view. Also, we will evaluate and categorize TGEs based on our own auditing standard for cryptocurrencies and tokens, called “BCP Framework” which was developed by our legal partner MME.

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To a more fair world

ICOs should be carefully scrutinized in the same way that IPOs are examined. The current status of overheated investment and speculation by the ICO bubble rings alarms. Although it can be said that ICOs are an innovative way to raise funds, there are numbers of cases where the funds are mishandled and used for illegal purposes.
Scrutinizing ICO projects would be a very first step to a fair world. Very detailed due diligence will be required, asking questions such as whether if any similar project exists or not, how the project will use their raised funds, what is the technology that they use, if it could be real, and CEO’s belief l.
We scrutinize projects from the technical, financial and legal points of view and provide consulting services to make the most out of the token economy. Our collaboration with dominant blockchain companies overseas and FinTech partners enables businesses to adapt Blockchain technologies. We also contribute our energy to provide localization service and extension to an incubation business.

Mitsuru Tezuka


Steps CTIA will Take

We follow six key steps when we consult with our clients (projects) as part of TGE process.


Due Diligence

Due diligence means “scrutinizing information”. We scrutinize our clients (projects) from three points of view: the technique/technology?, accounting and legal framework. We also conduct a risk evaluation and categorization of token functions based on “BCP” which was proposed by our legal partner MME.

TGE Advisory

We provide advice to projects which meet the BCP standards to conduct TGE (Token Generating Event) as well as providing TGE planning, token designing, technology, etc.


Conducting PR with a variety of media such as websites and SNS would be the first step to launch a TGE. We will clearly, quickly, and effectively engage targeted users by distributing contents of the TGE project.

Token Sale

Token sales will be conducted via BLOCKHAUS® Sales App*. *CTIA will not be involved in any token sales.

Community Management

The completion of TGE will raise the curtain for the next stage. Having a wide range of fans around the world is one of the factors to become a successful project. We support building and running a strong community by utilizing online and offline tools.

Localization Management

We promote matching projects, regions and companies based on their compatibility and having projects rooted in their targeted areas.


CTIA has a partnership with Blockhaus as a provider /evaluation agency for TGE projects. Blockhaus recognizes that the regulatory, tax and legal landscape needs to move forward in order to make the most out of the capability the blockchain offers. Blockhaus is leading the charge to help influence the regulation that is set, develop understanding in governments about the potential for blockchain and how policy should be set.

>> The official site of BLOCKHAUS is here



MME is a legal and accounting firm in Switzerland with the exceptional specialist team actively involved in Blockchain encryption assets and ICO / TGE. It is also MME that has developed the "BCP framework" CTIA uses as a criterion for evaluating Blockchain encryption assets (encryption currency and tokens). Through this partnership, we will assist projects quickly and efficiently by providing comprehensive solutions in these three areas of legal, tax and compliance.

>> The official site of MME is here



Centrality is a Blockchain venture studio that has been developing use case for applications through collaborations with leading industry innovators. It is also the CTIA’s first project, serving as a core project to realize a new user experience together with other TGE projects.

>> The official site of Centrality is here



By using the Proxeus blockchain system, businesses can move their existing information on blockchain. This rationalizes business schemes and brings businesses into the next level. This allows numerous formats such as logistic, trade finance, assets, law, compliance to easily be built into blockchain.

>> The official site of Proxeus is here


Other Partners

CTIA has a strong partner.

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