Centrality took only 6 minutes to conclude its TGE goal of $90M

January 17, 2018


"Centrality", which CTIA served as consultant as its first project, held its TGE on January 15, 2018.


Centrality is a project on the concept of the distributed application (DApps) platform, aimed at seamless use of daily use application. DApps on the Centrality platform can be used through a single login. By using P2P transactions through blockchain infrastructure, users can find their everyday work comfortable and their life exciting.


The TGE was scheduled to start at 12:00 Japan time on that day, but there was a situation that the server was down due to access concentration of the users who had been eagerly waiting for the TGE, resulting in the delay in the start.


The server was soon recovered and the TGE got restarted. It took only 6 minutes to achieve Centrality’s goal, which is the fastest TGE ever in history.
After that, Centrality announced as follows in its own press release:


“We worked closely with the CTIA, a trusted investment advisor, to do their utmost to provide fair and impartial results to investors participating in the sale. Staying true to our beliefs, even though the demand exceeded the supply, we did not change our target amount and not increase the price of tokens because we think that gives us enough to make the goal of “Creating tomorrow together” come true.”




パソコン用の画像 スマートフォン用の画像




CEO/co-founder of Centrality, Aaron McDonald spoke in the Centrality press release : “262 million USD of ETH was deposited in the Blockhaus Sales App making it one of the most popular ICO’s in history.”


Profits from the TGE that ended with a dramatic result will be used for the following purposes:

■Network expansion
■Acquiring platform users

■Attracting developers to create interesting applications on the platform



Centrality will turn its page to Chapter 2.
Please look forward to its future growth.


Centrality Official site

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