Centrality Held the First Meet up In Japan

May 14, 2018


Centrality who completed that extremely popular TGE in January 2018 held the first meet up, "Centrality Meetup 2018 MAY TOKYO & OSAKA" in Japan.

Meet-up was held on 12th - 13th May, 2018 in Tokyo and Osaka, and CENNZ token holders and community members came and gathered at this venue.

Meet up has begun with a greeting by CTIA CEO, Mitsuru Tezuka. CTIA has been working as an advisor for Centrality TGE. This time also supports all the preparations.




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First, Mr. Aaron McDonald, co-founder and CEO of Centrality, started to introduce Centrality project, explain the development status of DApps and their future development.



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The following speaker is Kerri Mcmaster who is co-developed Health & Fitness DApp with Centrality from ARDA.
ARDA has been studying at sports and health-related data for more than 30 years and is developing health-supporting wearable devices. Ms. Kerri showed the data collected so far and Centrality blockchain technology aims at achieving more efficient and effective health support.



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The last speaker was Mr. Nick of Pl^g which is the blockchain infrastructure of Centrality took the stage to share.
Pl ^ g introduces blockchain into existing system, and it implements the functionality of a compatible system that connects all blockchains. Mr. Nick shared Pl ^ g and the blockchain of Pl ^ g.



After the all sessions, we had a get-together after the meet up.

The participants and speakers started to communicate while enjoying the buffet.

Some participants gathered around the speakers to communicate directly, to take pictures with them, to get signs and enjoyed the opportunity to deepen the relationships.

The meet up was held with comfortably relaxing mood over all. It made the participants expect more for the future of project.

This is a place that is used to inform new release information and to communicate with offline project members.

There’s nothing more wonderful than meet up!!!!


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