Janu 25, 2018


PROXEUS finally visited Japan.


PROXEUS conducted "PROXEUS ASIA TOUR 2018" around major Asian countries from June 20 to 29, 2018, and the meet-ups in Japan were held on 23rd and 24th during the tour.
The main aim of this tour is to interact with Asian token holders, expand their community, and contact with Asian media.




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Firstly, Mr. Antoine Verdon, CEO of PROXEUS, introduced three points about the company at the meet-up: the episode of PROXEUS’s birth, outline of company, and a use case.


■ Legal registration in Switzerland
The registration process in Switzerland which requires document submission and actions from the related organization and normally takes more than a week to be completed, was finished in 2 hours. It took about 4 weeks to realize data digitalization from the idea of shortening the registration procedure by using the blockchain.


■ Certificate of graduation for university
The University of Basel wasted time and efforts on graduation certificate inquiries which frequently come from companies.
Therefore, PROXEUS implemented blockchain application to register the certificates to the blockchain and succeeded in saving the trouble of handling inquiries from the company.
The time needed from the idea of realizing data digitalization for the graduation certificate by using blockchain to completion of the process was approximately one week.


■ The certifications of authenticity and condition for investment-grade classic and exotic autos.
Proxeus has a partnership with Mercuria Helvetica (FinTech Investment Company) and succeeded in registering the certifications of authenticity and conditions of their auto collection using blockchain. With this, collector can check all the registration information such as storage status and brand part number on the blockchain and is able to clarify the ownership as well in dealing antiques It took only 3 days to realize the idea of data digitalization for certificates of authenticity and condition using blockchain.


■ Blockchain systemization of the donation process for WWF(World Wildlife Fund)
They solved the following issues of donation using the PROXEUS platform.
・Cost reduction and process efficiency associated with donation accountability and many individual donation processes.
・Reduction of the electric utility expense from 7,000-14,000 kWh / kg to 70 kWh / kg per donation.
System construction related to processing these donations took only 6 hours to realize by using blockchain.

From these use cases, PROXEUS was able to make work more efficient and can protect official documents from tampering and loss by blockchain. Make it easy for anyone to create a homepage by WordPress, utilizing the PROXEUS platform to easily realize innovative blockchain system with intuitive operation such as drag & drop.

The following speaker was Mr. Patrick Allemann, co-founder of PROXEUS.
He talked about problems and solutions in the current blockchain industry as follows.


- The first problem is there are "no experts" and " time taken and costs ".
The blockchain industry is an industry where the market has developed rapidly in recent years which means there are not many experts in the first place. In addition, the development of blockchain repeats trial and error and it also costs enormous time and money.
PROXEUS has tried to solve these problems by preparing a pre-assembled blockchain system and enabling intuitive operation through an easy-to-understand interface.



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Furthermore, Proxeus announced their beta platform which will be released on July 20th, 2018. When this beta platform is released, general users can actually try the PROXEUS platform. Users will be able to experience blockchaining of documents and more.


After all the sessions, a get-together party was held. Snacks and drinks were served. Speakers and participants attempted to communicate directly, took pictures, and everyone enjoyed this opportunity to interact in person. The party was relaxed, reflecting the enhanced expectation of the participants to the project.



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After their TGE finished, PROXEUS has carried out promotion activities mainly in Europe, receiving a Swiss Fintech Award 2018 in Switzerland, and has received international recognition.

Moreover, by contacting with Asian communities and media through "PROXEUS ASIA TOUR 2018" this time, PROXEUS has strengthened its name-recognition in Asia.


High expectations are growing for PROXEUS's further developments !

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