June 28, 2018


The largest blockchain conference『JAPAN BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE-TOKYO Round 2018-』(JBC) was held at Tokyo International Forum on June 26 and 27.


More than 100 experts in cryptocurrency, blockchain companies and organizations from all over the world gathered in Tokyo to exchange information, promote the spread of blockchain, and aim to expand full implementation of blockchain.

In addition, JBC introduced the world's first "matching support plan", and a full-time supervisor was assigned to each exhibiting booth. Many scenes of matching support between Japanese companies and overseas companies were seen at the venue.




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Furthermore, stunning guest speakers were gradually speech at the special stage. The participants also could not restrain their excitement in front of these famous people in the blockchain industry.
Guest speakers include Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao (SBI Holdings Co., Ltd. / Representative Director and President & CEO), Mr. Roger Ver (, Charles Hoskinson of Input Output Hong Kong Ltd (CEO / Former CEO of Ethereum) and Aaron McDonald (CEO of Centrality). Leading members went up to talk about the future of the blockchain.

As a guest speaker Mitsuru Tezuka, CEO of CTIA talked about the ongoing activities of CTIA and the current environment of ICO as follows on 27th.


Recently, ICO has become a big boom and various projects are procuring fundraising. However, there are no proper regulations at the moment which means ICO is undertaking in an unsafe environment. From now on, user protection must be thoroughly done.
For that purpose, CTIA will review the project from the viewpoint of technology, finance and legal affairs through due diligence. We will promote good ICO that can be called "TGE: Token Generating Event" to people.


During the interview after the speech, Mitsuru Tezuka also mentioned about the future of blockchain and Japanese economy saying, "If Blockchain is integrated into the Japanese market, it will be a great tool and prevent the market from declining."  The interview was published in its entirety on the global economic magazine Forbes' website.



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Also, during each keynote speech, panel discussions were also set up for guest speakers. Talk show in line with themes such as "the impact of blockchain on finance and law" "what should be done for the future of blockchain" "balance between blockchain and real economy and development of cryptocurrency". A dream of joint speech by stunning guests was realized.


There were 10,000 people participated "JAPAN BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE - TOKYO Round 2018 -" during the exhibition period, and it ended in great success as one of Japan's largest blockchain conferences.

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