CTIA and Centrality to Create a Partnership with Meiji University to Focus on Education for Blockchain Developers

July 18, 2018

June 27th, CTIA and Centrality made an announcement that they will be partnering with Meiji University's Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Research Forum to formulate a policy, prepare a training education environment through internships and develop blockchain personnel for the future.

For companies that will collaborate with Meiji University, blockchain consultation will be provided for the purpose of promoting usage of blockchain technology in Japan.



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Due to the rapid market expansion of the blockchain industry, the shortage of blockchain developers is becoming an issue that must be solved.

Through this partnership, blockchain education will be provided mainly towards the students of Meiji University. It will also create cooperation with blockchain companies, by providing internships, ideathons, etc, in order to nurture refined workforces in the blockchain sphere.


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