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BCP Framework

One of the tools that CTIA uses to examine the ICO / TGE project is "BCP framework". BCP framework is a classification index of function and risk associated with each token. MME, CTIA's partner in Switzerland, a leading law firm, has developed this tool.
In order to evaluate the legal and tax impact that Blockchain might have on encryption assets such as encryption currency and tokens as well as related risks and investment suitability consistently, a reliable classification model and risk assessment is required. BCP framework aims at providing function as a criterion through which everyone can recognize functions of a token and risk associated with it at a glance.



The BLOCKHAUS Sales Application is a platform to implement the Token Generating Event (TGE) which is a method of raising funds based on investment procedures that meet certain criteria. Uses are required to submit personal information and ID upon registration and must pass KYC / AML by SingleSource (risk scoring system). Only tokens and users that clear the criteria mentioned above can participate in TGE. Hence, both projects and users can go through secure TGE in clean environment.

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Transparency Paper

Token Economy Association (TEA) advocates Transparency Paper for unifying the format of information to be disclosed in ICO and TGE.
In traditional white papers and official sites, disclosure information items vary according to each project, and the contents of disclosure are at project’s discretion. With Transparency Paper, CTIA demands projects to disclose unified format of information regarding project stage, technical aspect and issuance ratio of token and companies conducting ICO / TGE so that users can have consistent information.


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